Int’l Call Centers

With our feet firmly planted in the telecommunications industry, we at Omega Telecom have acquired a deep understanding of the needs of international call centers in Forex. We understand the importance of connecting with your customers wherever they may be. As a leading data and voice provider, consider us a one-stop shop for your network connectivity and software needs. At Omega Telecom, we maintain multiple routes all over the globe to ensure you calls are high quality and low cost.

At Omega Telecom, you can take advantage of phone numbers in over 50 countries. Our unique Dynamic Caller ID system automatically inserts the local Caller ID based on the country dialed. Customers in France will see a French caller ID while customers in the US will use their local area code. Dynamic Caller ID ensures a dramatic rise in calls answered, guaranteed!

We combine the best technologies with our extensive experience in telecommunications for all your call center needs. That means you only have one vendor to deal with for your software, phone, and data communications. You get one bill, one support center, and one company making sure that your call center is working to the best of its abilities.

We guarantee lower connectivity charges and per-minute costs than our competitors. This is made possible by our cloud-based technologies. This also allows us to offer toll-free phone numbers at a competitive price. Additionally, strong relationships with telecom carries means we can often get toll-free numbers that would be otherwise difficult to find.

At Omega Telecom we manage, monitor, and maintain the telecommunications infrastructure to deliver a world-class call center platform. By doing everything in-house, we can monitor the end-to-end health of your call center solution. With a team offering around the clock support and monitoring, Omega Telecom is the clear choice for international call center platforms.

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