Internet Startups

You no longer have to choose between productivity and customer service. Omega Telecom helps you gain a competitive edge by serving as a single provider for your unified communications, designed for the unique needs of the Forex industry.

Keeping up with technology is typically challenging and expensive. With Omega, however, your telephony system is cloud-based, minimizing expenses and maximizing your technology investment. Some of the unique out-of-the-box features in our toolbox include:

• Intelligent click-to-call
• Call routing based on dynamic databases
• Two-way text messaging
• Inbound and outbound call tracking
• Automated voice messaging
• Around-the-clock support

All these functions and many more are accessible through an API based on industry standards. Countless Internet startups have saved months of development by utilizing the Omega Telecom platform!

If you are an Internet Startup in the Forex industry, we can help you integrate telephony with your applications today.

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